Detox to unblock your weight loss plateau

weight loss plateau

Detox to unblock your weight loss plateau


Most of the time you equate a detox with deprivation—or worse. You think hunger, weird food, kale juice and colonics. You think you might feel better at the end, but is it really worth the pain and suffering? The thing is, you don’t have to suffer.


There’s another kind of detox that’s all about fabulous, delicious food and a relaxing 60mins, 3 times a week that includes the support of a qualified therapist. It’s a new kind of detox that’s a giant jump start for your health and a reboot for your metabolism. It’s fun, easy to do and a direct route to feeling fabulous. It’s what I do 3 times a year, and you can do it in just 21 days.


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All slimming treatments are not the same

What to expect from the 3in1 LipoSlim Slimming treatments

Pic1I’ve always been over weight since about the age of 13. It sucks. It’s the first thing that people see and the fact that I can’t control it is the absolute worst. So to combat the horrible over weight issue I’ve done the dieting since I can remember. Regularly (yes, two kids later and my weight is out of control), bulging in all the wrong places and stretchmarks. I feel like I’m forever discovering new weight loss products and treatments to help me lose weight, so when I was given the opportunity to try out the 3in1 LipoSlim treatments as a mom – I jumped at the chance!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t read up on the treatments before I went in for my first treatments. I did hear how fabulous they were, but that was it. I didn’t feel like I really needed to prepare for the weight loss treatments beyond going in there. So here it goes…

3in1 LipoSlim Slimming – What to expect

pic2The 3in1 LipoSlim treatment has 3 steps. Amelia Roux, the amazing expert at 3in1 LipoSlim head office, talked me through the entire process as she went through it. I admit, she did put on some relaxing spa music and told me to chill out, but I couldn’t help but talk through all the treatments. My next time though, I’m definitely going to just relax.

She went over my InBody Analyses and gave her recommendation for the best treatment of my overweight issue. She let me know that each patient is scanned with the Inbody every week to measure your progress and to customize to the patients’ needs. And then we got to work.

pic3Amelia recommended that we started on my stomach area with the Lipo Laser. For this I had to get onto the treatment bed face up. I looked down at my stomach to find myself staring at the laser pads that Amelia just strategically strapped on. Amelia turned the laser on to start the proses of liquefying the fatty deposits on the specific area for 30min. In 30min 425 calories is taken out of the fat cells.

pic4Soon after, she moved me over to the next treatment. The FIR Sauna dome and that’s when I found out what separates 3in1 LipoSlim weight loss treatments from other weight loss treatments. Not only do you totally feel relaxed, you burn up to 600 calories in 30min that is equivalent to a vigorous 2houer gym session. The FIR Sauna treatment helps to remove the liquefied fat without exercising.

3in1 LipoSlim option is an innovative treatment that can be given in as little as 60 minutes. It delivers long-term
 weight loss and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all body types. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation.

Amelia finished off by doing another InBody Scan………..WOW first I could not believe my eyes! The results were clear! I saw a difference the first treatment! This is truly the only weight loss that can be proofed!

In all honesty, I’m ditching my other weight loss regimes and returning here for a full weight loss package – and I’m bringing my mom with me!

3in1 LipoSlim Treatments are great for all body types. It’s recommended that you do one package over 4 weeks and for maintenance at least once a month to help maintain weight loss, elasticity & firmness. It basically does everything that you could possibly want for healthy weight loss regime with absolutely no downtime.

Amelia recommended the LipoSculpt product range to enhance the weight loss results.

I continue to highly recommend checking out or making an appointment to visit them in their Pretoria office for the 3in1 LipoSlim treatments or to start your own 3in1 LipoSlim Clinic. They have a great space set up, and they’ll take great care of you. Ask for Amelia!